The forecast of the category looks good when the top five share-changing brands include an Non-Alcoholic beer, CBD cocktail and a tequila alternative. The diversity of this category is one of its top strengths.

Top 5 Zero-ABV Share Change by Brand

Top 10 Zero-ABV Brands by Market Share

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Non-alc is no longer niche

The non-alcoholic space is a burgeoning but steadily growing category that caters to both niche markets like Gen Zers and teetotalers, as well as the growing health-conscious imbiber. The growth of the non-alcoholic beverage category creates a more equitable and inclusive environment for consumers, especially the health-conscious.

Looking forward: With these factors increasing consumer demand, new products will continue to enter the market, especially as multi-national brands heavily invest into this category.

In the alcoholic beverage industry, it’s interesting to see a category that’s labeled “Zero ABV” make significant inroads. But thanks to innovative brewing techniques, dedicated mixologists and entrepreneurs that tap into a specific market need, this category is making big gains. After all, Heineken, one of the world’s most recognizable beer brands, spent nearly half of its U.S. marketing budget on its Heineken 0.0 product last year, which directly reflects its top place (16.3%) in the Zero-ABV market share.




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