Despite heavy saturation in the category, RTDs still see successful growth from Pre-Mixed Cocktail and Hard Seltzer varieties that dominate the landscape.

Top 5 Beer Brands by Market Share

Top 10 Ready-To-Drink (RTD) Brands

Top Beers & Hard Seltzers Subcategories by Share Change

Bud Light
Premium light lager with a superior drinkability that has made it the best-selling and most popular beer in the United States
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Michelob Ultra
This light lager is brewed with Herkules hops and wholesome grains, creating exceptional taste and a crisp, refreshing finish.
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Stella Artois
Crafted with three ingredients–saaz hops, malted barley, and water. It has a wonderful hop aroma, well-balanced malt sweetness, crisp hop bitterness and a soft dry finish.
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Miller Lite
The original light beer brewed for more taste with 4.2% ABV
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Coors Light
A natural light lager beer that delivers Rocky Mountain cold refreshment with 4.2% ABV.
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White Claw Hard Seltzer Black Cherry
Crisp and clean spiked sparkling water with minimal sweetness and no aftertaste - just a hint of a light cherry finish.
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High Noon Cocktails Pineapple
Tastes like escaping to a Tahitian over-ocean cabana. Also perfect for day drinking by any available body of water.
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White Claw Hard Seltzer Mango
The perfect blend of seltzer water, the cleanest tasting alcohol base, and a hint of mango.
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High Noon Cocktails Watermelon
Backyard barbecue’s best friend. This hard seltzer is the real deal. An easy-drinking, natural match for people who know Saturdays are holidays.
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High Noon Cocktails Peach
Bursting with fresh-picked, sun-drenched, perfectly ripe flavors. Juicier than an early-2000s tracksuit. Pairs well with porch swing sunsets, cut off shorts, and long days at the lake.
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TRULY Hard Seltzer Strawberry Lemonade
A bright, juicy and full of flavor with just the right amount of sweet. Each 12 oz. can has only 100 calories and 1g sugars for refreshment that won’t weigh you down.
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Cutwater Lime Tequila Margarita
A San Diego Take on a Classic. Our Tequila Margarita puts a south of the border favorite in the palm of your hand.
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High Noon Cocktails Black Cherry
A juicy burst of flavor that’s a little tangy and a little sweet, always bubbly and bright. Tastes like crashing a rooftop bar for an impromptu pool party (with a dozen of your closest friends).
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High Noon Cocktails Sun Sips Variety Pack
Pick up a variety pack to share with friends and find your favorite flavor! Variety 12 pack includes: 3 Pineapple, 3 Grapefruit, 3 Watermelon and 3 Black Cherry cans.
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White Claw Hard Seltzer Variety Pack
The original Variety Pack Flavor Collection No.1 is made to share in your finest moments. Whether it's sweet Black Cherry, unmistakable Ruby Grapefruit, ripe Raspberry, or zesty Natural Lime, this pack has something for everyone.
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Pulse Insights

Diversity rules flavor town

Despite beer dominating the overall category, RTDs are growing at an exponential rate thanks to increased visibility and consumer adoption, cutting into beer’s overall market potential. The versatility and variety in RTD flavors appeal to more consumers than beer, piquing consumer interest in those just entering the beverage alcohol market.

Looking forward: At the risk of sounding like a broken record in the industry, there’s just no sign of the RTD category slowing down. Expect the variety of pre-mixed cocktail and hard seltzer flavors to continue to grow, showcasing the category’s inherent strength.

When divided into subcategories, Light Lager leads the pack at 30.6% of the market share, followed by Pale Lager (11%) and IPA (10%), respectively.

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