Q1 includes several popular holidays and events for on- and off-premise retailers. We analyzed data leading up to Valentine’s Day, Sunday’s Big Game and St. Patrick’s Day, to understand trends and best practices for businesses to take away.

Tackling the Data from

Hearts, Helmets & Heady Stouts

Big games love big brands

While the majority of retailers stock up on major brands such as Bud Light ahead of the big game, smaller craft and hard seltzer brands saw a huge lift in market share during this two-week window. The emergence of hard seltzer in the top five market share change list suggests that the RTD category is increasingly biting into the greater major beer brand market share.

Looking forward: Hard Seltzer will continue trending up and to the right during major sporting events.

Each February, the top two NFL teams battle it out on the gridiron to claim their championship rings. Sunday’s big game is a huge opportunity for on- and off-premise retailers and suppliers to increase sales on popular beer and hard seltzer brands. Major beer brands such as Bud Light, Michelob Ultra, Stella Artois, Miller Lite and Coors Light rule the total market share two weeks leading up to the game.

While not surprising due to abundant marketing budgets, an interesting shift in market share happens leading up to the event. Stella Artois saw the biggest positive share change (1.05%) followed by Budweiser (0.73%), Breckenridge Brewery Avalanche Amber Ale (0.56%), High Noon Cocktails Pineapple (0.41%) and High Noon Cocktails Watermelon (0.39%).

Sunday’s Big Football Game

Beer & Hard Seltzer Market Share by Brand Two Weeks Before The Game

Beer & Hard Seltzer Market Share Change by Brand Two Weeks Before The Game

Pulse Insights

The holiday celebrating the foremost patron saint of Ireland occurs each March 17. The occasion is celebrated as a feast with food and drink at the center. Revelers pack bars around the world to raise a pint in honor of Saint Patrick. Consequently, sales of stout beer and Irish whiskey skyrocket during this two-week period leading up to the holiday, as on- and off-premise retailers stock up to meet the demand. Guinness Draught dominates market share (73%) of stouts and porters during this timeframe.

St. Patrick’s Day

While Guinness Draught owns the majority of the market share over the course of these two weeks leading up to the holiday, the greatest share change percentage happens for craft beer brands such as Breckenridge Brewery Vanilla Porter (1.69%), Breckenridge Brewery Irish Stout NITRO (1.63%), Horse & Dragon Sad Panda (0.50%), Left Hand Milk Stout (0.45%), and Denver Beer Co. Graham Cracker Porter (0.33%).

It’s not just stout and porter beers that see an increase in market share, the demand for Irish whiskey increases during this time period, too. Unsurprisingly, Jameson Irish Whiskey owns the majority of the Irish whiskey market share (66.4%) followed by Tullamore D.E.W. The Legendary Irish Whiskey (19.4%), and Slane Triple Casked Irish Whiskey (2.1%) to round out the top three. Of the Irish whiskey category, Tellamore D.E.W. The Legendary Irish Whiskey sees the biggest increase in market share change leading up to the holiday (7.16%).

Top Stouts & Porters by Market Share Two Weeks Before Holiday

Stouts & Porter Market Share Change Two Weeks Before Holiday

Pulse Insights

Craft stouts and porters shine

Despite major Irish beer and spirits brands Guinness and Jameson owning the majority of market share leading up to St. Patrick’s Day, craft stout and porters, alongside smaller craft distillers, see the biggest increases in market share change. This suggests that consumer demand for craft stouts, porters and Irish whiskey gains momentum during this holiday where traditional brands like Guinness and Jameson typically saturate the market. A more diversified market for both stout, porters and Irish Whiskey is a healthier market for it.

Looking forward: As more and more consumers learn about smaller distillers and craft brewers, demand around St. Patrick’s Day will continue to grow and further balance the playing field in each market.

Top Irish Whiskey by Market Share Two Weeks Before Holiday

Irish Whiskey Market Share Change Two Weeks Before Holiday

A popular holiday for couples around the nation, Valentine’s Day is advantageous for bars, restaurants and Wine and Spirits retailers who capitalize on the surge in demand. In particular, red wine sees an interesting shift in the two weeks leading up to the holiday.

Top Red Wine by Market Share Change During Two Week Period

Pulse Insights

There’s one top grape for lovers

With the exception of The Prisoner Red Blend owning the most market share for red wine in the two weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day, Cabernet Sauvignon dominated the remaining top five slots. The single varietal also saw the biggest gains in market share over any other. Of the fastest-growing Cabernet Sauvignon brands, the top six were all Californian wines.

Looking forward: The demand for Californian Cabernet Sauvignon wines will continue its long linear trek up and to the right, especially during the weeks before and during Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day

Top 5 Red Wine Brands Leading Up to Valentine's Day

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