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Welcome to another edition of the Provi Pulse Report! This is where we distill data captured through Provi’s fastest-growing B2B eCommerce marketplace and provide insights about the evolving business of the alcohol industry.

How do we do that? Provi tracks store-level transactional beer, wine and spirits order data from thousands of accounts across the U.S., allowing us to provide an incredibly unique look into the beverage industry–one that exists nowhere else!

If this is your first time with us, pull up a chair and enjoy as we give retailers, distributors and suppliers like you a peek at the highest profit-yielding and trending beer, wine and spirits across the industry.

Note: The insights in this report are based on Provi sales data from Q1 2022 compared with Q1 2021 and don't necessarily reflect the industry at large. The dataset is compiled from approximately 10% of the on-premise across multiple markets in the U.S.


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More than 50% of Provi’s marketplace is driven by spirits. The remainder is rounded out by a quarter of that share with Beer & Hard Seltzer, with Wine close behind and the Non-Alcoholic category book-ending the rest. Let’s look at some of the share changes that occur from these product types.

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A Brief Overview of Provi's Marketplace - Share Analysis by Product Type

The Spirits category declined nearly 5.7% in Q1 ‘22, while Beer and Hard Seltzer grew the most (3.8%), followed by Wine (1.1%) and the Non-Alcoholic category (0.78%)

Pulse Insights

Ready-to-drink (RTD) growth is undeniable

The bev-alc industry is evolving, driven by explosive RTD growth within the Beer and Hard Seltzer space, as well as growth in the Non-Alcoholic category. The Spirits decline suggests consumers are shifting to diversifying new markets as they take advantage of typical seasonal shifts to health-conscious options. Even though Spirits saw a negative share change within Provi, they still largely dominate the marketplace, thanks to large sales numbers from top brands in whiskey, vodka and tequila.

Looking forward: Still top dog for now, Spirits brands will continue to take stock of shifting consumer demand and find ways to maintain relevance and share. Expect to see even more spirit flavors coming to market as competition heats up.

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