The Rise of the Conscious Consumer

Provi Pulse, Q3 2022

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**Aswani, Serina. “No- and Low-Alcohol in Key Global Markets Reaches Almost US$10 Billion in Value.” IWSR, 28 Mar. 2022,

The way your customers consume products has evolved far beyond just avoiding single-use plastic straws, and the beverage alcohol industry is stepping up in a big way. Whether it’s showing support for more representation and diversity, crafting more sustainable packaging to help the environment, or making health-influenced drinking decisions, the idea of the conscious consumer has never been more prevalent in our industry.

This edition of the Provi Pulse Report focuses on everything from no- and low-ABV drinks to organic production, and diversity and inclusion to environmental sustainability practices. The industry is changing and evolving for the better, and we’re here for it! But before you branch out into one of our segments, take a look at these data highlights propelled by conscious consumers.

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Provi Pulse Q3 2022 Report — The Rise of the Conscious Consumer data insights are derived from 10% of U.S. on- and off-premise beverage alcohol retailers' purchase behavior in the Provi marketplace from June - September 2022.